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Overview of Rituals

The rituals that Degarrin provides to the community all follow the same basic outline, with the specifics modified to accommodate the type of ceremony.

Before the ritual begins, the Degarrin Minister will cleanse and prepare the space as needed. Any ritual implements will be cleansed and charged in advance. As appropriate, a circle will be cast and evocations performed. After the main ceremony, grounding will transpire, and cakes/ale may be presented to the Divine. Any invited entities will be thanked/released, and the circle, if cast, will be closed. Afterwards, the Minister will do any follow-up needed with the ritual participants.


Blessings are performed to cleanse, purify, deem sacred, and welcome positive energy into your life, home, family, or wherever may be necessary. A Blessing ritual used to remove negative energies is especially useful when…

  • Moving into a new house or space.
  • Moving a new item into your home.
  • There is/ has been a lot of negativity.
  • You sense an unwelcome entity.
  • Any time the energy in a space feels heavy, dark, sluggish, or grungy.

It is always best that the house, apartment, etc. be physically cleaned before the blessing.

New Child/Pet Blessings

This ritual is to welcome the arrival of a child or pet into the family and ask the Divine to watch over / protect / bless them. Parents also have an option to present the child or pet to the Elements and Spirit themselves during the ritual, if so desired.


A Handparting is meant for partners to consentually bring their union to an end. Where Handfastings bring people together in a recognized union, Handpartings separate them, allowing each to go their own way.

The Handparting can only be done using the original symbols from the Handfasting (i.e. rope / ribbon, candle, rings, etc.), otherwise the ceremony cannot be performed. If specific colors were worn for the handfasting, then a color representing dissolution should be worn for the parting such as grey, black, or brown.


Upon death, souls are released from their physical shell and await a new life. Although death is often considered a time of sadness, the Rite of Passing helps people come together to memorialize, rejoice and celebrate the life of the one who has moved on. This is a more formal ritual than a Rite of Remembrance, and as such, more involved. A eulogy, music, loved ones speaking, and a separate burial/cremation rite are some of the additional options available. Please note that Degarrin does not have a facility to hold funeral rites.


This rite is to honor the passing of a loved one, and to assist those in the grieving process. It is slightly different than a formal funeral or passing ritual. It is encouraged to provide a picture of the deceased loved one for the rite.


This ritual is meant to mark the end of a relationship. It can be performed for any type of union, except those who were Handfasted or Married, as that requires a Handparting.

If desired, a history of the relationship can be told with a conclusion including how the paths are diverging and the hopes/ blessings for the future can be given by the participants.

Participants are encouraged to share vows of appreciation and gratitude for the relationship’s lessons and support for the time that it was. They will also need a symbol of the relationship, so that the object may be used in the ritual.


When two or more individuals wish to share their hearts and lives with one another, this Rite is performed and vows are exchanged to honor, love, and cherish one another as long as love remains. Since a Rite of Handfasting and / or Wedding entails the binding of individuals together, it is to be considered and reflected upon a great deal before the ritual occurs. Because of this, our ministers may require multiple counseling and planning sessions with those involved.

Also, while Degarrin will assist with the ritual itself, other details of the event are primarily the responsibility of the individuals, including obtaining official witnesses to the ceremony. Couples who have elected state-recognized marriages must file and pay for a marriage license at the local county clerk’s office.

What are options for the ritual?

The basic ceremony involves the committed partners performing a joinng together of hands (with ribbon or cord) and vow exchange before the Divine. They may also choose to include the following optional steps:

Exchange Rings

The exchanging of rings is to symbolize unbreakable love.

Unity Candle

This symbolizes the union that exists between parties who enter into the union. The Unity Candle is usually relit each anniversary.

Unity Sand

This symbolizes the union that exists between parties who enter into the union. The Unity Candle is usually relit each anniversary.

Rose Exchange

This is where the parties exchange a single rose as a symbol of the love that they share for each other on this day, and with that love establish an anniversary tradition for themselves.

Jumping the Broom/Besom

 The besom (or broom) is used in ceremonies to represent the threshold of the home. Jumping the broom is symbolic of entering into a new home together; symbolizing that you are entering a new stage of your relationship, and the leaving behind of old thoughts, behaviors, and patterns.

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