This area of our site focuses on the local community and how we can better serve it. Our local area is very important to us and we want to support and enhance it in the best ways we can. One of the many ways we choose to help our community is with the following resources: 

  • Community Calendar - has local events and more from around the area that may be of interest.

  • Degarrin Events - has events posted with registration options that Degarrin hosts such as workshops, guest lectures, and more. 
  • Memorials and Tributes - create virtual memorials containing texts, photos and videos honoring loved ones who have passed away. All visitors to the site can see the Memorials area, but registered users have the ability to add entries as well and leave Tributes.
  • Ministerial Services - ritual assistance and services from our ministers
  • Newsletter - Degarrin Chronicles - includes articles and information pertaining to Pagan related items. 

  • Online Courses - is where registered users can access certain classes, webinars, and assessments that are in relation to, but separate, from the main Seminary of Degarrin. Some of the classes here are free where others request a nominal offering.

  • Resource Directory - provides a local and a limited national listing of companies, organizations, churches, schools, and charities that may be helpful.


*Note: That some menu options will only be available to those who have registered on our site.