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The inquiries area allows for registered users to submit questions or request information from Degarrin that either is not covered on our site, or just simply needs further clarification on content that already exists. Once an inquiry is submitted, one of our ministers will answer it in a timely manner and in the order in which it was received. To utilize the inquiry area of our site, do the following:


Accessing and Submitting a New Inquiry in the Degarrin Site


1. Log onto the Degarrin site and go to the top menu area. Click on the menu option titled Site Support, and from the drop down menu select Open a Support Ticket. This area will then give you several options for departments to select for your inquiry. Your options include:


  • Outreach - This area is for all site users and community members. All information here will be in regards to the features available only to these individuals who have registered with our site.

  • Giftshop - All information here is about placing specific orders, payment options, and overall information about the items we currently possess for our ongoing fundraiser.


2. Select one of these options in order to submit your inquiry. Once this option is selected you will be taken to an open field page with several fields that you’ll need to fill in and options to select. These include the following:


-Priority - From the drop down menu select the priority level of your inquiry. Your options include:

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Urgent

  • Emergency

  • Critical


-Subject - Type in the subject of your inquiry.

-Message- Within the text box, type in the content of your inquiry. Please be as detailed as possible about your situation.

3. Once all this has been entered, click on the Create New Ticket button. Your inquiry will then be submitted and will be answered in a timely manner.

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