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Sagittarius (♐) is the ninth astrological sign, which is assoc iated with the constellation Sagittarius. It spans the 240-270th degree of the zodiac, between 234.75 and 270 degree of celestial longitude, which t he Sun transits on average, “between” November 23 to December 21 each year . Individuals born during either of these dates, depending on which system of Astrology they choose to follow, may be called Sagittarians. Under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from December 16 to January 14. Sagittar ius is symbolized as a centaur, half man and half horse.

(Fire) ruled b y Jupiter – Encourages flights of imagination and confidence. Religion, me taphysics, long-distance travel, in-laws, higher learning. Spirituality , self-mastery, peace, finding the truth, exploration, legal matters or publishing, travel, sports, horses; healing of the liver, hips, thig hs, sciatic nerve, arterial system, pelvis, sacrum.

Moon in Sagittar ius makes us all philosophers and places us in a frame of mind to deal with issues of humanity, peace, and the right way of the universe. Sagittariu s is the sign of the non-conformist, an excellent time to experiment with new spells and ritual methods. Because of its optimistic nature, challenge s are often accepted during this transit, making it a good time to work ma gick for the more elusive things in your life.

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