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Who We Are

We are a family of Mages walking a path of magick and spirituality, enhancing personal growth and self-discovery through transformation, fellowship, well-being, creative expression, education, community rites and services.

Degarrin operates as a free ministry under the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America—as most ministries did before the 1900s. Churches and ministries are automatically immune from taxes and regulation without the need for “incorporation” or “applying for tax exempt status”. 

Our Tradition

Degarrin follows the Suldarrian Tradition, which is a way of life that uses Magick, Herbalism, Celebration, Spiritual Worship, and Divination to grow and connect with the Divine Being that created us all. We consider all life and spaces to be creations of the Divine, and believe in personal responsibility, as well as honor.

The Tradition consists of beliefs, customs, teachings and life experiences, which are shared and exchanged within the fellowship of a coven structure. We come together often for enlightenment, to worship and honor the Divine, and to support one another. It is our goal to live consciously, realize our spiritual potential, and share our insights, experience, and skill with others through fellowship, education, and artistic expression.

Our Beliefs

The Coven’s beliefs are as follows:

  • Standing between darkness and light is the Suldarrian path, preserving all that is loved through justice, self-defense, and individual growth.
  • All things, worlds, and realms are made of energy and created by a powerful being called the Divine.
  • The Divine’s energy is everywhere and is in all things.
  • Magick is the act of moving and manipulating energy using various means.
  • As bodies are physical containers for Spirit, care for them out of respect for the self and the Divine.
  • Life’s cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth helps one to grow and learn.
  • Each person walks a unique path that leads to direct connection with the Divine.
  • Honor and become closer to the Divine through worship, magick, celebration, and personal skills.
  • Everything happens for a reason, offering the chance to learn and grow; no matter what happens in daily life, move forward and seek guidance from the Divine.
  • The Divine gift of Free Will allows one to make choices in life, no matter the situation, for which personal responsibility and consequences are accepted.
  • When one thing is created, another is destroyed simultaneously, allowing the energies of this process to be transformed.
  • Communication with the Divine is accomplished through various methods to receive guidance and inspiration.
  • Everything contains positive, negative, and neutral energies, but in different amounts. The Suldarrian path is learning how to live a life that keeps these energies in balance.
  • Spiritual Practices including implements, catalysts, magick, prayers etc. may compliment but do not substitute for legal or medical options.
  • Equality and the freedom from oppression for all.

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