Degarrin extends membership opportunities to individuals based on demonstrated ability, experience, training and compatibility with other members of Degarrin. We do not discriminate against others based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, origin, ancestry, veteran status or age (except as outlined in our requirements section).  

If you are interested in joining, you must go through a petition, interview, and assessment process. This may include submitting a Membership Petition, an interview, completing assessment courses and attending open gatherings &/or socials. This provides an opportunity to assess your potential and overall compatibility with the Coven as a whole.


Degarrin will be open for Membership in late June of 2020.  Thank you for continued interest and support. 


Initial Steps to Membership:

  1. Register at our site.

  2. Read over the Membership Requirements in detail below.  Also, be sure to check out the Membership FAQs.  

  3. Submit the completed Petition.

  4. Wait for a reply. A member of Degarrin will contact you regarding the Petition. We ask that you be patient, as this generally takes anywhere from 7 to 13 days after submission.

Membership Requirements:

Anyone wanting to become a member of Degarrin must meet the following:  

  • At least eighteen years old.

  • Local to the Lexington area.

  • Have a reliable means of transportation.

  • Completed a minimum of Jr. High School education (High School Diploma or Equivalency Preferred).

  • Able to speak, read, and write English.

  • Available to meet weekly on Sunday evenings.

  • Able to obtain needed materials (e.g. Vestment, books, etc.).

  • Comfortable with and have regular access to a computer and internet.

  • Possess a valid Gmail Account.

  • Familiar with and utilize Google Services/Softwares including Calendars, Drive, Search, Maps, etc.

  • Maintain a planner/organizer (including digital e.g. google calendar/contacts/tasks etc.)

  • Own a smartphone (e.g. iOS/Android).

  • Familiar with and be willing to utilize other software including Messaging, Project & Web Applications.

  • Able to successfully complete the free Member Candidacy assessment/online courses offered by Degarrin.

  • Ready to volunteer community assistance on behalf of Degarrin.

  • Able to support the Coven through volunteer time, service, or offerings.

  • Devote ten hours minimum per week for studies and other activities.

  • Willing to complete the Seminary program up through the Bachelor’s Degree level or higher.

In addition, prospective members must not smoke, chew tobacco, harvest tobacco products, or partake of any recreational drugs. This restriction also applies to all forms of herbal cigarettes, alternative nicotine and vapor products. Degarrin finds these items to not only be harmful to the user, but also to people in the immediate vicinity and the environment. As such, the Coven has determined that the use of these products is in violation of Degarrin's Rede and Virtues inhibiting one's ability to reach their highest self and cannot be supported. 

The Degarrin Seminary

Degarrin also provides its members with a seminary program that offers several different theological degrees. All members are required to complete the program up through the Doctorate Degree level. Some of the topics discussed in the program include the Suldarrian Tradition, parapsychology, religious tolerance, ethics, psychic sciences, magickal arts, paranormal phenomenon, wellness, organization, time management, communications, and general personal development.  The program is a system of coursework that includes on-line and correspondence learning, workshops, seminars, group process, and individual mentoring. A member's progress is assessed through status reports, exams, parochial counseling, performance appraisals, and group attunement. Upon successful completion of the program, each member is eligible for advancement within the Coven.