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Aura Cleansings

The natural energy emanating from a living creature generates a spherical orb emanating from the body’s physical form.  This orb is known as an Aura.  

Because the aura is generated from the body’s energy, it will also reflect the imbalances and ailments of the body through variations in the auric field. The  shape of the aura can change based on things like mental and emotional states.

Similarly, the negative stresses and energies that we deal with on a day to day basis can impair and affect the aura, and thereby impair the individual.

The process of aura cleansing or aura healings are about bringing the energies of the aura back into balance and harmony.  This can be done through a myriad of techniques including grounding, sweeping, stone work, smudging, or other energy work.


One of the most widely known forms of energy healing is Reiki.  The word Reiki is formed from two Japanese words. Rei which translates to ‘God’s Wisdom’ or ‘the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘life force energy’.  Together, the word Reiki translates to ‘spiritually guided life force energy’.

It was developed in Japan in the 1800’s by Mikao Usui, and its techniques are passed down through a master to student relationship through an attunement to Reiki energies. The process involves channeling universal life energy to manipulate / balance the mind, body, and spirit which encourages the body’s natural healing processes.

During the course of a Reiki healing session, the Reiki practitioner will use the system(s) taught to them by their Reiki master to call upon the reiki energies to help bring balance to the subject being healed.

By calling upon the reiki energies for the healing process, the practitioner is supposed to allow the Divine energy to heal the person receiving treatment without draining any life energy from the practitioner.

Chakra Alignments

A chakra is a key focal point of energy within the body. It can be viewed as a vortex of energy. The chakras are organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies.

Each one spins in a different direction than the one above or below it, causing energy to move up and down the spine. Just as the energy flows in two different directions through the chakra system – up and down, it also flows in and out of the system connecting the system to the outside world.

There are seven primary chakras and each chakra is associated to a particular area of the body. These focal points are located running along the axis of the spine, and are referred to as: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.

When all the seven chakras are balanced and aligned a person feels happy, satisfied and empowered in their life. Even if one chakra is blocked by negative energy or too open, then you can feel aches and pains in that particular area or have emotional issues. 

When dealing with chakras, it is important to remember that each individual’s energy and systems are different; variations will occur from person to person.  Aligning chakras is the aim of this type of healing. Using essential oils, sound healing, color therapy and meditation, the chakras can be healed and balanced.

Quantum Touch

The healing modality of Quantum Touch is based upon the principles and concepts of energy resonance and synchronicity.

In this healing method, as is the case in most, the goal is to increase the positive energy within the body of the one being healed.  This, however, is accomplished through very different means in Quantum Touch.  

Unlike Reiki where the healer serves as a channel that transfers Divine energy, Quantum Touch trains the healer to raise their own personal energy levels to serve as the source of the energy being transferred.  The healer accomplishes this by cultivating their own energy through learned breathing and visualization techniques when done properly.

One of the primary goals of Quantum Touch healing is to focus on the physical alignment of the systems of the body.  By helping to restore the body in this way, it stimulates and promotes self healing within the body of the one being healed.

Healing Arts

The art of spiritual healing’s purpose is to restore and maintain balance within the self and to achieve a true and lasting connection with the Divine.  Healings help realign the subtle energies of the body and restore a person to spiritual wholeness.

This is achieved through the focused energy of the healer uniting and balancing one’s total energy system.  This provides balance to mind, body, and spirit and is a great way to remove the negative thoughts, feelings, and energies that build up day-to-day. 

This restoration of balance can be obtained through a variety of healing modalities.  Each one is unique in its techniques and methodology, yet all of them work through the same basic process of energy movement and manipulation.

Aura Cleansings – The energy field surrounding the body is often referred to as an “aura.” An Aura Cleansing helps remove negative energies and inspire positive movement within the auric field. 

Chakra Alignment – A chakra is a center of power within the body where life force energy collects. A Chakra Alignment will help realign and/or unblock the main power centers so energy flows more freely through the body. 

Reiki – Reiki, a method that utilizes energy from the universe to promote individual spiritual healing.

Quantum-Touch – A technique that focuses, amplifies, and/or directs a person’s life force energy to facilitate spiritual wellness. 

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