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The art of spiritual healing’s purpose is to restore and maintain balance within the self and to achieve a true and lasting connection with the Divine.  Healings help realign the subtle energies of the body and restore a person to spiritual wholeness.

This is achieved through the focused energy of the healer uniting and balancing one’s total energy system.  This provides balance to mind, body, and spirit and is a great way to remove the negative thoughts, feelings, and energies that build up day-to-day. 

This restoration of balance can be obtained through a variety of healing modalities.  Each one is unique in its techniques and methodology, yet all of them work through the same basic process of energy movement and manipulation.

Aura Cleansings – The energy field surrounding the body is often referred to as an “aura.” An Aura Cleansing helps remove negative energies and inspire positive movement within the auric field. 

Chakra Alignment – A chakra is a center of power within the body where life force energy collects. A Chakra Alignment will help realign and/or unblock the main power centers so energy flows more freely through the body. 

Reiki – Reiki, a method that utilizes energy from the universe to promote individual spiritual healing.

Quantum-Touch – A technique that focuses, amplifies, and/or directs a person’s life force energy to facilitate spiritual wellness. 

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