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Degarrin walks a path of magick and spirituality, enhancing personal growth and self-discovery through well-being, transformation, creative expression, fellowship, community rites and services. As a Wiccan-based Free Church, we support and foster understanding between all faiths.

Degarrin operates as a free ministry under the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America — as most ministries did before the 1900s. Churches and ministries are automatically immune from taxes and regulation without the need for “incorporation” or “applying for tax exempt status”.

Our Coven follows the Suldarrian Tradition, which is a way of life that uses Magick, Herbalism, Celebration, Spiritual Worship, and Divination to grow and connect with the Divine Being that created us all. We consider all life and spaces to be creations of the Divine, and believe in personal responsibility, as well as honor.

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