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Composition: The Structure of Degarrin

Degarrin is overseen by the Divine, the all-encompassing entity that created us all. The Church itself is comprised of five main bodies: the Plenum, the Clans, the Camarilla, the Magistry, and the Synod.

The Plenum consists of all members who have not yet attained Elder status that help make up the congregation.

A Clan is made up of an individual and/or group of Elder(s) that represent one of the four spiritual elements within Degarrin’s polity. One elected Elder administers each Clan and is referred to as Primogen or Clan Primogen.  Other Elders encompass the Clan membership and may fill other positions within each Clan as needed. 

The Camarilla consists of Clan Leaders.  Each Clan represents one of the four spiritual elements and maintains specific functions within the Coven.  The Clan Leader, known as Clan Primogen, represents the needs of its Clan and ensures that assigned duties are met.

The Coven’s administrative office of power is referred to as Magistry, and its ministers are known as Magistrates.  A Magistrate must be an ordained minister who can fulfill all conditions set forth by Degarrin.  The Magistry represents the element of Spirit, and the authority of the Magistry is granted by the Divine, but freely accepted by the Coven. 

The Synod is the High Council of Degarrin, and is made up of the Camarilla and the Magistry.  United they provide support for the overall vision and legacy of the Coven.

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