Degarrin operates as a free ministry under the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America—as most ministries did before the 1900s. Churches and ministries are automatically immune from taxes and regulation without the need for “incorporation” or “applying for tax exempt status”. The Degarrin Terms of Use & Service are separated into two main pages. Visitors to the site are required to read all information contained within both pages, and by using the site agree to abide by all terms contained herein.



Degarrin believes that each person has a unique connection to the Divine. As each of us strives to connect with our purpose, we often request advice and counsel from others. During your session(s), specifics about health, relationships or even past situations may arise that may or may not be relevant. We may discuss major stresses in your life, your belief systems, health, childhood or other areas that may have an influence on your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual expression. Please remember that all spiritual advising is presented with the intention of assisting you with your own consciousness, and that you are responsible for your progress and reviewing this guidance within the context of your own life.

By using this site and our services understand and acknowledge the following:

  • The ministers of Degarrin (also “practitioners” or “minister”) are not medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, psychologists or psychiatrists, and do not claim to, nor represent to be, licensed health care providers of any sort.
  • The practitioners do not take any legal or clinical responsibility for my health, welfare, or healthcare. If I have a serious physical or behavioral health problem, I am expected to work with a licensed and qualified conventional or alternative provider. I understand that this spiritual work does not replace such therapies.
  • Regardless of any testimonials or reports of client sessions, the practitioners do not offer diagnosis, treatment or cure for any physical, mental, or emotional health care problem, disorder, or illness.
  • The practitioners consider spiritual services to be distinct and separate from “Fortune Telling,” and do not purport to or offer to tell my fortune.
  • The practitioners reserve the right to refuse spiritual services if I attend a session while drunk or under the influence of other recreational drugs, and recommend that I refrain from the above for twenty-four hours prior to the session. I understand that this is not intended to imply approval or endorsement of such activities.
  • Information given to the practitioners is confidential, and such information will only be disclosed with my written consent. However, if I disclose the potential of harming myself and/or others, or if the information is revealed indicating the potential of harming myself and/or others, the practitioners are legally and morally bound to disclose this information to the appropriate authorities.
  • I will remain clothed during a session, unless otherwise needed for spiritual healing purposes. If it becomes necessary to disrobe, the practitioner will discuss it with me, and I will provide verbal consent.
  • Only respectful touch of my body may be used and only with my permission.
  • Spiritual work done with anyone under the age of eighteen will only be conducted with the approval of a parent or legal guardian, and any and all sessions will take place only with a parental or legal guardian present.

I hereby request the ministration of a minister of Degarrin on my behalf. I understand that the spiritual service and personal rites offered by the minister are for the purpose of assisting me in my spiritual and conscious growth toward wholeness. While Degarrin believes that uniting and balancing one’s total energies often affects the physical body in a beneficial way, I understand that neither Degarrin nor its ministers are purporting to administer directly to the physical body. Likewise, I understand that any preparations or devices offered as part of my personal program are given as sacraments intended to affect in a beneficial way my spiritual condition, and that these will have no medicinal or therapeutic effects upon my physical body. Thus, the ministers do not in any way warrant or imply that their efforts will in any way alleviate my physical or emotional ills.

I release Degarrin and its ministers from any and all liability or claims of whatever nature that may result from my failure to pursue medical remedies for any physical ailments I may have, and I acknowledge that I have not been dissuaded by Degarrin or its ministers from pursuing such remedies. I understand that I am free to seek other help from whatever source I desire, and that the minister is free to cease efforts on my behalf at any time.

I release Degarrin and its ministers from all liability or claims of any kind arising from counseling, rites or therapies received under their auspices, and I understand that all results are contributive to research and utilizations of future programs of Degarrin, while preserving my privacy.

I release Degarrin and its ministers from all liability or claims of any kind arising from injuries that occur while on Degarrin property and/or any property that Degarrin and its ministers are using for services.

I agree not to disclose material from confidential sessions without written consent from Degarrin or its representatives. I understand and agree that sessions may be recorded using audio and/or video devices, and that Degarrin and its ministers shall inform me of their use of these devices before a session begins.

I have read, or have had read to me, this informed consent form. I am in full agreement and accept the methods being utilized for the prevention of and possible improvement of those conditions that impair my ability to function as an individual. I intend this consent form to cover the entire course of spiritual services that I seek from Degarrin in the present and future.