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Life Story:

It is with heavy hearts that we must say goodbye to one of our Members.  Charlotta Brunson, a Minister and Founder of Degarrin, has lost her battle with cancer.  This news may be a surprise for some of you however, she had kept the details and severity of her illness very private.  

Those that knew Charlotta well will remember her incredible strength, beauty, artistic eye, and fierce loyalty.  As an artist, Charlotta poured her heart and soul into everything she created. Blending modern and traditional styles, she was passionate about ensuring that each artwork had a personal story to tell. For those lucky enough to have gotten tattooed by her, you will forever carry a piece of her with you.

Charlotta was extremely passionate about her Path as well as those she served while as an active member of Degarrin.  As a Founder, Charlotta established the roots of our tradition as well as Degarrin’s overall structure. She also participated as a board member for local groups advocating religious tolerance and education within the community. Over the years, through various endeavors, she promoted the growth and legacy of Degarrin.

Thank you, Charlotta.  Your dedication to the Path and love of life has inspired our hearts and spirits, and you will be sorely missed.  Until we meet again.

Blessed Be       


Memorial Services:

Where: The Lyric Theater

           300 E Third St,
           Lexington, KY 40508

When: May 9th 2018

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Charlotta Brunson
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