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Descriptions and guidance regarding Degarrin's various ministries.

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For those interested in joining Degarrin refer here.


Descriptions and guidance regarding Degarrin's various ministries.


We conduct a variety of ceremonies, including Sacred Unions, Birth Blessings, Affirmations of Love, Rites of Passage, Funerals, and Commitment Declarations. Degarrin also honors gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual/transgendered unions.

Depends on the request.  However, generally we require ministerial session(s) with one of our ministers. This service is provided for an additional offering.


For a simple rite using Degarrin’s standard, pre-scripted ceremony, our offering requests start at fifty dollars.  All ceremony offering requests automatically include the Lexington City Area. Please note that Degarrin will consider performing services outside of Lexington in the surrounding cities, including: Frankfort, Georgetown, Midway, Nicholasville, Paris, Richmond, Versailles, and Winchester. However, travel to an area outside of Lexington will require an additional offering to cover expenses. Payment of the offering to cover travel expenses is also due upon completion of the service request form.  We accept cash and major credit cards. 

We have found this to be a problem with many individuals and couples alike, as so many wait until the last minute to look for a minister to conduct the service. It is imperative that you begin to look for a minister as soon as you have an idea of the date of your ceremony. Check with us for availability and make arrangements with us as soon as possible.

At this time all reservation requests must be made either by phone or via email, although an on-line reservation system is being considered for future requests. Please select a minimum of three dates that you desire your ceremony to be held on as well as the preferred times (i.e. morning, afternoon, or evening). If you are unsure about making a reservation, we will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation. Please call us at (859) 314-9086 to set up an appointment; leave a message if we are not available. We will return your call as soon as possible, and depending on availability and location, we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs. All meetings are held at our Church location in Lexington or in a restaurant or coffee shop nearby. We will explain how everything works, answer questions, offer event options, and discuss our process for performing the ceremony.

Generally speaking, yes. This is your ceremony, and so it should reflect your feelings. We encourage you to write as much or as little of the ceremony as you wish. This will make the ceremony more personal and meaningful to you and all those involved. There are countless ritual elements that can be incorporated into your specific rite to make it more meaningful and unique. Some common options include a candle procession, skyclad blessings, purification in water, and wine sharing. However, please note that some rites may not be as customizable as others; refer to your assigned minister for details regarding your specific rite.

We can perform your ceremony within the designated travel area in Kentucky which includes Lexington, Berea, Frankfort, Georgetown, Midway, Nicholasville, Paris, Richmond, Versailles, Wilmore, and Winchester.  Additionally we can perform at a variety of locations depending on the conditions set forth in the desired rite; at a lake, in a beautiful lush garden, in your backyard, in your home, in a fabulous hotel, in a cottage, at a bed & breakfast, in a cemetery, or even at a park. Please note that outside rituals will be weather dependent and may not allow for certain elements (i.e. skyclad) to be utilized.

We handle rehearsals quickly and efficiently. It usually does not take more than 60 to 90 minutes the day of or a few days before the ceremony, depending on the number of attendants that you have. Please ensure that all of your attendants arrive on time, and bear in mind that the rehearsal time and all those required in attendance DOES affect the costs for those involved.

Any of the ministers within Degarrin may perform your ceremony, depending on availability. If you have a preference for a minister, please state your request and we will try to accommodate you. We have other ministers available and on call if necessary.

There must be a relationship between the minister and those wishing to have the ceremony performed. You have to relate to one another and feel that the minister is someone that shares your views, or will, at least, set aside his/her views while serving you. Overall you must feel comfortable in his/her presence. Is he or she giving you his or her undivided attention? Can you easily communicate your ideas with each other? Will he/she listen to your ideas and desires for your ceremony, or does he/she have his/her own agenda? What is his/her experience and training? Remember that the minister’s time is valuable, for he/she may have other obligations -- like running a ministry, a church, or another occupation altogether.

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