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For those interested in joining Degarrin refer here.


Descriptions and guidance regarding Degarrin's various ministries.


Degarrin is a Wiccan-based coven that follows the Suldarrian Tradition, which is a way of life that uses Magick, Herbalism, Celebration, Spiritual Worship, and Divination to grow and connect with the Divine being that created us all.  We consider all life and spaces to be creations of the Divine and believe in personal responsibility, as well as honor.  The Tradition consists of beliefs, customs, teachings and life experiences, which are shared and exchanged within the fellowship of a Coven structure.  We come together often for enlightenment, to worship and honor the Divine, and to support one another.  It is our goal to live consciously, realize our spiritual potential, and share our insights, experience, and skills with others through fellowship, education, and artistic expression.

Yes we do.

The process varies per candidate however, generally speaking it takes between 3 to 6 months to be accepted as a Seeker.  

Once the Seeker has completed their initial year of training they are then welcome as a full member of Degarrin.  

No. Degarrin does not allow for non-members to volunteer during coven hours of operation, nor at any events that we sponsor or host. 

We offer spells to assist with those who may feel this is the best suited option for them. A spell is a magickal working that may or may not be spiritual in nature. It can be as simple as burning an anointed candle, saying a prayer, or using a charm to help achieve your goal. A ritual is typically a more elaborate and involved version of a spell.

A rite of passage is a ceremony that marks important transitional periods in someone's life. Although such rites can be a result of anything a person deems important, some of the more common ones include puberty, sexual awareness, adolescence, adulthood, eldering, and passing. Whether mundane or spiritual in nature, all such occasions are to be cherished and treated as sacred acts. Our ministers can assist with many different rites if desired.

These services provide guidance and assistance in deciding what actions to take when facing choices on one's life path. Degarrin requests an offering of $30 minimum for each half-hour session; however, requested offering amounts may vary depending on services provided and availability. Our services are by appointment only, and anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Some of the methods used by Degarrin to provide Spiritual Readings include: Palmistry - the reading and interpretation of the hand, as well as the lines and markings on it. Pendulums - a weight suspended on a thread or fine chain, which is used to answer questions or locate items. Runes/Lots - using runes or other items (e.g. bones, sticks, etc) to answer questions; this is done by mixing the items together in a bag, asking a question, drawing or casting the runes/lots, and then interpreting the results. Scrying - obtaining guidance by gazing into a reflective surface; Degarrin primarily utilizes mirrors and water. Spiritual Profiles - creating astrological and/or numerological charts to interpret life events and patterns. Tarot - the use of cards to obtain guidance relating to the self or others.

When spiritual direction and/or support is needed in life, our ministers can provide guidance through one-on-one or Group Discussions, Prayers, Lighting of Candles, Hospital Visits (Chaplain Services), Readings, Healings, and much more. We are available via phone, email, chat, or in person to assist when needed.

Paranormal is a term generally used to describe phenomena unexplained using current scientific methods or that seems beyond the laws of nature. This often includes ghosts, entities, and energies that can be sensed or seen by only a select few. Sometimes an encounter is positive and other times it is not. If you are experiencing some type of paranormal phenomena, Degarrin can often offer assistance. We will meet with you, ask detailed questions, research the specifics of the situation (e.g. history of the location, etc), and help determine a course of action.

When individuals come into this world or make monumental changes in their lives, oftentimes they wish to have names that represent their new path. Some of the more common motivations for a Rite of Naming include an individual attaining a new magickal name, a child being born, a young person being adopted into a new family, or a individual taking on a new name after being united in ceremony such as a wedding.

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